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Maybe you just need someone to listen and allow you to sort out your feelings. Maybe you need advice from a professional, something your friends and family can't provide. You lead your sessions. I provide empathy and feedback to help you process the things that led you to seek out therapy.


Whether you have been formally diagnosed with ADHD or you feel that you have symptoms that need to be addressed, this program is for you. The ADHD management program is a structured 12-16 week psychotherapy program designed to take control of your ADHD symptoms. These skills can be used with or without additional medication management.


Brainspotting is a specialized treatment using your visual field to access unprocessed trauma in your brain. The goal of treatment is to reduce distressing feelings associated with traumatic memories. Brainspotting is similar to EMDR but focuses more on individual lead processing.


PCIT is a 16-20 week treatment program that involves you and your child. You will learn to improve your relationship with your child through play therapy skills. Parents learn to give effective commands and time-outs and children learn to follow the commands. The outcome of this therapy is less stress for you as a parent and a better relationship with your child.

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